Spelling Term 4 Week 6

Act 1.

Antarctica-  a place with a lot of snow and ice down south of the world. noun

Expedition- A journey or adventure under taken by a group. noun

Recommendation- to recommend or suggest an idea. noun

Researcher- to learn and discover new things for educational purposes. noun

Stationed- to stay in the one spot or to be stationary. verb

Act 2.

expeditions (plus an s)

recommendations (plus an s), recommending (drop the tion and add a ing).

researchers(plus an s), researching(drop the ers and add ing).

stationary(drop the ed and ary)

territory’s( add an s)

conditions(drop the al and add an s)

alliances( add an s)

specializing(drop the sed and add zing)

accommodating(drop the e and add an ing)

accommodations(drop the e and add a tion)

Act 3.

  • There, their, they’re
  • To, too, two
  • Fare, fair
  • Where, wear, we’re
  • Practice, practise

Their car was parked over there near the tree. They’re going to pick it up now.

Jack and Jill said they wanted to come too.

Jack didn’t have any money to pay the taxi fare.

We’re all going to the game.

I need to practise my spelling.



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