100wc Week#35

It was a cold windy day as I approached the gate with my friend Jonah. As we walked through the gate and looked around the area we saw a black gateway, as we approached the gateway we could not see through it so we decided to just go through and see what is on the other side. When we got inside we started running every where to what we could find as I was running I fell over so I turned around and found a treasure chest so I called Jonah over and as we opened it another black gateway opened.

One thought on “100wc Week#35

  1. Well done on your entry Devlin. I got a little confused when you went through the gateway – I think you could do with more punctuation to help the reader. If you read your piece through at the end (out loud is best) and add in extra punctuation. The setting of secret black gateways hidden in objects creates a great mysetrious setting though.

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