100Wc Week#29

It was a sunny Easter morning as we went on an Easter hunt I found heaps of eggs so far but I’m still looking. As the hunt goes on the eggs start to run out and they are harder to find. Has the day goes on and it’s nearly lunch time the eggs get refilled and everything is refilled as we go back out on the hunt we find heaps more and as the day nears to a close we have found all the eggs there are to be found with a total of 360 eggs on a fine Easter morning.

Spelling Term 2 Week 9

Act 1.

Corrosion- The process when a metal or material rusts.

Impervious- Not allowing fluid or fluids to pass through.

Permeable- Allowing liquids or gases to pass through it.

Oxidation- The combination of a substance with oxygen.

Galvanizing- Shock or excite (someone) into taking action.

Act 2.

Corrosion-noun                Impervious-adjective              permeable-adjective

Oxidation-noun                 Galvanizing-verb                  Judiciary-noun

jurisprudence-noun              parliamentary-adjective         suffragette-noun


Act 3.

John’s aim at the parliamentary inquiry was to have the truth heard.

The school’s corrosion problem needs to be fixed.

Pete’s bag was impervious.

The scientists’ oxidation went well.

Dave’s work was compulsory.


100Wc Week#37

Brazil is a great place and people go there for holidays. Even more people go but that’s what happens when the world cup is on in Brazil. Because you  have people coming from 32 different countries to cheer and support their teams. Some would be crazy mad supporters but others just there for a holiday but will still go to the soccer. They will be playing beach soccer having a good time and be watching all the kids and adults playing soccer around the area. But always being there for those game deciding moments like penalty’s and goals to win the match for there country.

Maths Mate Term 2 – Sheet 8

Question 23.  If  you could roll the same number every time, what number would you choose so that you could move from S to F in the least number of rolls?

Prediction: I predict that this is going to be about using addition and looking to see the snakes and ladders.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Find the big picture: To use addition and read the snakes and ladders.


1. First I tried the biggest number on the dice which is two.

2. Then I added two then I plused another two to get to four  and it was on a ladder to go to ten.

3. Then I plused another two to get to 12 which was on a ladder to go to sixteen.

4. Then I plused another two to get to eighteen then another one to finish.

Summary:I used trial and error to get the answer and addition the answer was 2.


Spelling Term 2 Week 8

Act 1.

Recycling: To be able to reuse old and broken stuff.

Comprehension: The ability to understand something.

Cooperative: To be able to work well together in big or small groups.

Molecular: Relating to or consisting of molecules.

Desalination: The process of removing salt from water.

Act 2.

Recycling- Verb           Comprehension- Noun              Cooperative – Adjective

Molecular- Adjective          Desalination- Verb                  Accused- Noun

Piercing- adjective             Unimpressive- Adjective          Gracious- Adjective

Mockery- Noun

Act 3.

I was accused of making a piercing noise with my whistle. It was very unimpressive as we had visitors and the noise made a mockery of our presentation.

Maths Mate Term 2 – Sheet 7

Question 24. The letters A, B and C stand for different digits from 1 to 9. If A<  B<C, what digit does each letter represent?


Prediction: I predict that this is going to be about using trial and error and using addition.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Find the big picture: To use addition to find the right the answer.


1. you have to think numbers that will and up to seven so I thought of 1 2 4

2. then I did 2+4=6 then I plused 1 then I got 7.

Summary:  The  answers was A= 1 B= 2 C= 4. I used addition to work this out and prior knowledge.

100Wc Week#36

I opened the packet of caramel chocolate balls and I ate one,  then my friend through one at me. So then I picked up one and through it at him but he ducked out of the way. The ball splattered  all over the kitchen table. The ball broke and out oozed the caramel and three little men all wearing builders clothes and they each had a cone on their head. The three little men took the cones off their heads and put on their hard hats. The men laid their cones around the caramel to block it from flowing. The men could then fix the chocolate ball.

Maths Mate Term 2 – Sheet 6

Question 23. Jane rolls nothing but sixes in the game of snakes and ladders below. How many rolls of the die will it take her to move from S to F?

Prediction: I predict that is going to be about six time tables and reading were the ladders are.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Find the big picture: to use my six time tables and look at were the ladders are.


1. you move to number six then you go up the ladder to number nine.

2. then you move six spaces to number 14.

3. then you move from 14 to F.

Summary: the answer was 6. to work this out I used my prior knowledge of my six time tables.


Spelling Term 2 Week 7

Act 1.

Chromatography – The way to separate a mixture or mixtures.

Filtration – The way that you sift through something to  get rid of big chunks or or bad stuff.

Distillation – the way of purifying a liquid by the process of heating and cooling.

Evaporation – The way when a liquid is heated it evaporates in to a gas.

Hydrochloric –  the solution in water of hydrogen chloride.

Act 2.

phantom = noun            magnificent = adjective         vengeance = noun

simultaneously = adjective       descendants = noun    distillation = noun

chromatography = noun          filtration = verb        evaporation = noun

hydrochloric = adjective

Act 3.

The Phantom

The scary phantom

the scary phantom with

The scary phantom with black

The scary phantom with black eyes.


He wants vengeance

he wants vengeance because

He wants vengeance because he

He wants vengeance because he lost.

The descendants

The old descendants

The old descendants ran

The old descendants ran away

The old descendants ran away swiftly.


The scientists used chromatography

The scientists used chromatography to

The scientists used chromatography to find

The scientists used chromatography to find out the solution.


We used distillation

We used distillation to

We used distillation to get

We used distillation to get a gas.

The evaporation

The waters evaporation

The waters evaporation happened

The waters evaporation happened as we

The waters evaporation happened as we boiled the water.




100wc Week#35

It was a cold windy day as I approached the gate with my friend Jonah. As we walked through the gate and looked around the area we saw a black gateway, as we approached the gateway we could not see through it so we decided to just go through and see what is on the other side. When we got inside we started running every where to what we could find as I was running I fell over so I turned around and found a treasure chest so I called Jonah over and as we opened it another black gateway opened.