100Wc Week#28

I was sitting at my desk, during a test waiting for it to finish wondering how much time I had left. Not only to realise that there was only ten minutes to finish but the problem is I’m only half way through the test. But I thought I had enough time before I had to finish the test because now everyone is leaving the room because they were finished. I was the only person left in the dimly lit room with 1 minute to go but there wasn’t enough time to finish the test so knew I had already failed and will get an F on this test.

2 thoughts on “100Wc Week#28

  1. Hi Devlin, I’m sorry my comment is so late this week!
    What I like about your writing…
    You have created tension with the use of counting down time.
    You have used a range of connectives in your writing.
    What I’d like to see next time…
    Do you think that you could take a few minutes to read through your work to check and edit? You seem to be changing from past and present tense throughout your story. I’m sure if you took a few minutes, you would have noticed this and changed it. What do you think?
    Well done and keep writing. 🙂
    Mrs Tucker (100WC Team) Wirral, UK.

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