100wc Week#27

I believe that I would make a great night zoo keeper because I have very good vision in the dark and I like mystical and make belief things. I would be great at saving the world from evil night creatures. I believe that I would do a good job because  I have very good vision in the dark and I can hear things really clearly even if they are very far away. I’m also good if anything comes to harm anyone or anything, I’m good under pressure and I can handle anything that comes my way, that’s why I believe I would make great night zoo keeper


6 thoughts on “100wc Week#27

  1. Well done you have explained how and why you would be a good night zookeeper. To make this writing even more superb you could have named the evil night creatures. Excellent!

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  2. Wow , a big well done to you your an amazing writer ( how do you do it ) I am sure the 100 word challenge are very pleased with this I also would love to be a night zoo keeper and I also care for animals I love playing with my dog and the birds in the garden . Looking at your work I think my classes work may look a bit wired but please come and have a little nosy ( look ) because we also have some talented writers in our class so please do have a look and maybe comment because we will be over the moon you can find us at http://y6pewithall.primaryblogger.co.uk xx

  3. You brought up some really great attributes you have that would make you an worthy candidate for the position of night zoo keeper. I like how you focus on your enhanced night senses, that would certainly be a plus! Nice work –

  4. Great writing! But something to improve on the last sentence where you put that’s why I believe I would make great night zookeeper, that’s why I believe I would make a great zookeeper, but otherwise your piece of writing is amazing.

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