Spelling Week 9

Activity 1. The gambling industry granted external freedom in the up coming election, people where happy because it was fair that they only got external freedom and that once they where in the premise they were allowed to leave.

Activity 2.

Freedom- To be able to leave a place/country/state/nation.

Gambling- To place a bet on the out come of an event, to have the odds with you or against you.

Election- a formal and organized choice by vote from people.

Industry- group of people making raw materials and manufacturing goods in a factory.

External-  belonging to or forming the outer surface or structure of something.

Activity 3.

The state government spends its funds through a series of departments, each of which provides services for the public. Each department is responsible to a cabinet minister, but has a permanent head as well. This permanent head is a senior public servant , who usually holds his or her position for many years. On the other hand, the Cabinet ministers change from time to time, usually as a result of an election.

Activity 4.

Prefix/suffix           meaning            e.g             e.g 1         e.g 2          e.g 3      e.g 4

un-not or against      underneath     under    unusual  underground undergrowth

multi- many 1 or more    multistorey,multiplication,multiple,multiply,multimillionaire

over- extending upwards  oversubscribed,overshadow,overtake,overrun,overdone

super- very good       supermarket,superman,supernova,superwoman,super-phosphate

-ish  to some  extent       selfish,fish,dish,tarnish,freakish

-less not as much          worthless,endless,needless,mindless,timeless

-er  expression hesitation  quicker,faster,slower,shower,better



Maths Mate Term 1- Sheet 6

22. Draw the missing house.

Prediction: I predict that this is going to be about drawing and following patterns.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Find the big picture: to follow and find patterns.


1. I looked at all the different types of houses and their patterns.

2. I realised that one was left out and tried to find small details.

3. I went through the houses and decided what side the door and the window had to go on.

4. Once I worked it out I drew the house, it was the one with the shaded chimney, striped lines going vertically and  the door on the RHS and the window on the LHS.

Summary: I worked this out by finding the pattern and looking for small details.



100wc Week#27

I believe that I would make a great night zoo keeper because I have very good vision in the dark and I like mystical and make belief things. I would be great at saving the world from evil night creatures. I believe that I would do a good job because  I have very good vision in the dark and I can hear things really clearly even if they are very far away. I’m also good if anything comes to harm anyone or anything, I’m good under pressure and I can handle anything that comes my way, that’s why I believe I would make great night zoo keeper


Spelling week 8

Activity 1.

The Commonwealth Games in Melbourne relied on a complicated communications network. The Coalition Government decided it was compulsory for athletes to compete. Members of commerce contributed to the success of the Games.

Activity 2.

Commonwealth: an independent state like a democratic society.

Communications: the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking or writing.

Coalition: a temporary alliance like political parties forming a government.

Compulsory: required by law or rules.

Commerce: the activity of buying and selling especially on a large scale.

Activity 3.

a. I peeled all of the potato skins and put them in the pan. (potato)
b. We have two piano’s at home. (piano)
c. We watched in awe as the two volcano’s erupted. (volcano)
d. The dogs chased the three kangaroos across the paddock.(kangaroo)
e. I cut up all of the tomatoes and put them in the salad. ( tomato)
f. The heros who rescued the children were awarded medals. (hero)
g. We took lots of photos at the wedding. (photo)
h. All the frightened buffaloes stampeded across the plain. (buffalo)

Activity 4.

“ine” as in “wine”                   “ine” as in “engine”               “ine” as in “sardine”

define                                           medicine                                    routine

genuine                                        machine                                     cuisine

fine                                                famine                                         guillotine

dine                                                                                                      nectarine

mine                                                                                                      vaccine




100wc week#26

Look up! can you see that giant bird or is it a plane or is it UFO. What is and what is doing up there because it keeps on going around and around in circles. why don’t we get in a helicopter and fly up to see what it is but the only problem is that it is probably 2000 metres up in sky. Let’s do it now were are we going to get this helicopter why don’t we just use that police one over there let’s go. Ok how do we fly this I think we just pull that lever and that button hey look it’s gone now we don’t have to worry.

Maths Mate Term 1 – Sheet 5

24. Enter the numbers in the circles so that the numbers on each line equal the sum of the numbers at each end.

Prediction: I predict that this question is going to be about adding numbers to make one big one.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Find the big picture: To add two numbers together to make all three of the lines to equal the number that I on the line.


1. To look at all the numbers.

2. To think of some numbers that you think might work.

3. To right the numbers beside the circles.

4.To add the numbers find the correct answer.

5. To write the correct answer into the circles

6. Answer: 6,11, 9

summary: To work this out i thought of the mathematician’s  toolbox and used trial and error.


Spelling Week 7

Activity 1: a. allowed – aloud b. bare – bear c. barren – baron d. bury – berry e. boar – bore f. boarder – border g. bridal – bridle h. caught – court

Activity 2:

Copyright – To have legal rights to control pieces of art such as songs, books etc.

Criminals –  To commit offences regularly.

Currency – A  system of money or the bills used in a country.

Cooperate – To work or act together to achieve a goal.

Councils – A group of people that get together to organise and run things. E.g. Moonee Valley council.

Activity 3:

That night when it was dark they quietly crept along and got on the ships deck. Everyone was too busy to notice them.  By and by they came to a black square hole and down they crept, by a ladder.  What was in it? They found a lower deck after they had gone down a little way, and had just stepped onto it when the hole was covered over.

Activity 4:

a. There are two chiefs in this tribe.

b. We cut the oranges into halves.

c. The police arrested the three thieves.

d. The baker gave me seven loaves of bread.

e. The men and their  wive’s are touring on the Gold Coast.

f. We stacked the books on the two bottom shelves.

g. The wolves were driven off by noises of the guns.

h. We swept up all the fallen leaves in the garden.



100wc Week#25

She walked over to the treasure chest, but when she lifted the lid open a big Red Back spider jumped out and dug it’s fangs in to her the spider got bigger. It went on a rampage and started sinking it’s fangs in to every living thing in it’s sight. It was so big that it was taller than the Eurecka sky deck and was now towering over Melbourne. It started to make it’s way towards Sydney and that’s when the army decided they were going to take over so they got the tanks out and shot the spider down and saved the rest of Australia.

Maths Mate Term 1 – Sheet 4

Question 23. Which two weights need to be swapped to balance the scales?

Prediction: I predict that this going to be about weights and being able to evenly spread the weight.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Find the big picture: To spread the weights so that each side weighs the same.


1. To find out which weights to swap.

2. First I tried 6 and 8 but that didn’t work.

3. Secondly I tried 9 and 5 and that worked

4. I added up both sides and they weighed 15 on each side.

Summary: I worked this out by using the information I was given, also by using addition and accessing the mathematician’s toolbox and using testing all possibilities.

100wc Week#24

One day to Australian brothers called Harry and Garry walked into Queens park. They were looking for some wood for their parents to put into their lounge room fire place. But then they bumped in to a massive gingerbread house with lollies and all the sweets that you could dream of. They then realised that there  was an old lady sitting inside. They knocked on the door and she opened it, and they asked if they could open a lolly shop and work in it with her. She agreed and now they run the biggest lolly shop in the world.