Spelling Term 1 Week 5

Activity 1.

1. Roll- To roll an object to some one or something. Role- A job or responsibility. 2. Vice- Immoral or wicked behavior. Vice- To  be a vice captain, deputy etc to fill in when captain is not there. 3. Won- To win an award or medal.One- The first number. 4.Council- A group of people called together for consultation, deliberation or discussion. Counsel- Advice or instruction given to some one or something. 5. Lie- to tell untruth things.Lie- to be in a horizontal or resting position. 6. Tear- To pull apart or into pieces. Tear- A clear liquid that comes from the eye.

Activity 2.

Justice- To be fair in behavior or treatment.

Traffic- The passage of people or vehicles on paths or roads etc.

Transport-To take or carry people or goods from one place to anther using a vehicle.

Unions- the act of joining two or more things.

Mayor-A person that is the head of town, country or council they are elected by the public.

Activity 3.

The Mayor of our local council has approved a project to build a road through our local park.  My mother wrote to our local member to say that the rights of children have been denied.  As a tax payer she felt she had to have her say as did many other people who also sent their objection through the mail.  The road has been allowed to go ahead anyway.  The council won.

100WC week#23

I’m pushing through the earth trying to get to the middle trying to stop the core from exploding, because somebody planted a bomb right near the core. I only have one hour left to try and sop it as I got closer it was getting really hot so luckily I had a heat proof suit on. As I got closer to the core time slowly ran out there was only 5 minutes left so I started dig and running faster, I found the Bomb and I slowly deactivated it as time ran out. Yes I saved earth now all I have to do is get out and that is the easy part.

Maths Mate Term 1 – Sheet 2

Question 24. Which two weights need to be swapped to balance the scales?

Prediction: I predict this is going to be about learning how to even the weights by adding and subtracting.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Find the big picture: To swap two weights to balance the scale.


1. I added each up side, the LHS weighed 10Kg the RHS weighed 16Kg.

2. I tested all possibilities.

3. It turned out that on the first go I got it right by swapping the two highest numbers to try and even it out and it worked they were five and eight.

4. It equaled 13Kg on each side.

Summary: I worked this out by thinking of the mathematician’s toolbox and revising all the tools I could use to help me.


BTN SOCHI sercurity

In recent months Russia  has suffered from lots of terrorist attacks and bombings. The Olympic president has had to hire 50,00 security/ police/ army guards to protect fans and Olympians because of threats from terrorists. Therefore Sochi have employed state of the art equipment to protect the Olympics , they have also employed Drones, Army tanks, Secret agents etc.

I now understand why the Australians have put so many restrictions on our representatives to protect them in case of attacks. I also understand why the Olympic committee  have taken so many precautions and have employed state of the art equipment.

There is still one question I’m left with why would they hold the Olympics in a place that have had so many wars and terrorist attacks.           

100Wc week#22

A UFO has landed on the Moonee Ponds Primary School oval. It has set out  a light that is hypnotizing all the people that live in Moonee Ponds. They’re forcing the humans to destroy earth and work for them there is  nobody that could stop the aliens. This light was just drawing everyone towards the mother ship the only way the way light could be stopped was if someone flicked. The switch to turn it off but  there was no one who could flick the switch because they were all hypnotized. So the earth got destroyed and the aliens left what was left of earth.   image

Maths Mate Term 1 – Sheet 1 Problem

Question 23: Which two weights need to be swapped to balance the scales?

I predict this is going to be about adding and subtracting the weights to make it even.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify

Find the big picture: Swap two weights so both sides weigh the same.


1.  I added up each sides the LHS weighted 15Kg and the RHS 12kg.

2. I tested all possibilities.

3. I found that I had the right answer on the first go. Which was by swapping  9kg and 7kg which equaled 14 on each side.

Summary: The strategy that I used was the mathematician’s toolbox. To get my answer.


Class Application

Dear Jess,

I’m Devlin. Some of my hobbies are going to the beach, Playing sport, Underwater photography and filming and making remixes and being a Dj.

I can bring alot of leadership to the class. I can work really in groups because I play alot of team sports. I have the ability to work with younger children that is one of things you need to be good at while a house captain.

I bring alot of fun and joy to the class. When people are down I can cheer them up. I can can be very funny most of the time well other times I’m not very funny. I bring lots of laughter to the class.

I bring lots of experience to the class seeing that this is my last year of school. I can help all the year 5 in my class and the years prep to five with anything that they need to know.

I bring all the school values to class for example. Caring for people and respecting there property. I’m very optimistic and i can collaborate very well.

these are all the good things that I bring to class. That’s why i think i should be in you class.

From Devlin